Data Engineer

Data Engineer

About Folk

Folk is a collaborative SaaS tool to centralize, organize and activate contacts.

Inspired by the new wave of productivity tools like Superhuman, Figma, Notion and Airtable, we're reinventing the way contacts are managed

Our mission is to offer teams a way to leverage their biggest asset — their contacts — with a productivity tool enjoyable to use, customizable on-the-go, and powered with data.

Our ambition is to become the reference both for individuals looking for a personal CRM and for large teams whose job revolves around managing contacts (candidates for HR, leads and clients for salespeople, journalists for PR, suppliers & partners for operations, entrepreneurs for investors, and many more).

Created within eFounders in 2020, we're a small (but ambitious) team of 10 and are about to launch the first version of our product


Your mission as a Data Engineer at Folk will be to work on : architecture, ETL, cleaning, enrichment, data sources, optimization, testing, reviews, peer programming, monitoring, alerting and security.

You will manage Folk's data infrastructure with AWS CDK to be sure our data architecture is as resilient and performant as we want to.

As an expert of the field, you will be responsible for :

  • explaining what data can bring to our users
  • pushing improvements
  • suggesting new features

You will be included early in in the product specification process to challenge and provide technical feedback on feasibility, performance and cost.

Why apply

  • Why you should apply:
    • Data is production: our data stack has been built for our users, not for BI.
    • You are free to explore and suggest data-based user features.
    • We value quality. Over everything.
    • We are action focused. We are fast-paced. We are straight to the point.
    • We strive to improve our customer experience as much as our teammate experience.
    • We would love to hear your ideas. On everything.
    • You're enticed by the eventual opportunity to manage a team.
    • We love sport and food (even though it doesn't always go well together).
  • You shouldn't apply if:
    • You are expecting to be told what to do or how to do it. At Folk, we're looking for entrepreneur-minded people
    • You have a list of things to improve that keeps getting bigger and bigger. At Folk, we wanna make things reliable, efficient and simple. So we improve things as soon as possible, one step at a time... sometimes more.
    • You only want to focus on your tasks and problems. At Folk, we help each other out. It's more important to move together than individually.

Our stack

  • Python, SQL
  • Data pipeline: AWS Kinesis, AWS Firehose, AWS S3, AWS Glue (Crawler et Spark Job), AWS Athena
  • Workers: FastAPI, Celery
  • Orchestration : Airflow (Celery architecture deployed on AWS ECS)
  • CI: Gitlab-CI
  • Monitoring and alerting: Datadog, Sentry


  • 2+ years of experience building data architectures.
  • You have extensive experience in Python, ETL, SQL and data modeling. Having an experience on AWS techno stack is a must-have (or another cloud provider).
  • Knowledge in machine learning or applied mathematics or algorithms is a plus.
  • You speak English.
  • You are a team player, eager to provide feedbacks to folks, and happy to receive them as learning opportunities.
  • You'll know how to prioritize in order to deliver on time, as speed of execution is key, while never compromising on quality.
  • You've an entrepreneurial spirit, you're not afraid of taking initiative and measured risks.

Hiring process

  • 15min CTO sourcing call: let's make sure both parties (you and us) believe there is an interest in working together. It's ok to end this call at any time ;)
  • 30min cofounders call: the moment when you can ask anything about the company
  • 1h tech:
    • we explain what we do and how, show you a demo. you explain your skills and values. We see if it matches.
    • we introduce you to the test. We start working on it together and you finish at home.
  • 30/45min technical test review: we use your test as a base for discussion, try to detect improvements in our stack and/or methodology

Team life

  • A challenging work experience, putting together an A-team with the ambition to become the worldwide leader
  • Fast-learning environment, entrepreneurial and strong team spirit
  • Transparent salary policy
  • Latest Macbook Pro
  • Lovely offices located in the heart of the Parisian startup ecosystem
  • Swile partnership

How to apply?

Send us an email at 🙂