Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

🀝  Permanent & Full-time πŸͺ΄Β Public salary grid and approach 🌍  Remote position (+/- 3 hours from CET) 🍰 Perks & Benefits

πŸ‘‹Β Hi there,

We're building folk to help people achieve their goals through lasting, valuable relationships.

folk is the CRM that works for you, not the other way around. It’s lightweight, customizable, and powered with AI to let you easily build stronger relationships.

Here’s our landing page if you want to have a look:

Are you up for it?

We're looking for great Software Engineers to bring our product vision to life by developing well-thought features that have thousands of users waiting for them. We are not specifically looking for a frontend, a backend, or a full-stack engineer because what matters to us are not positions but what we can build together. And so far there is room for every type of developer.

We could be a great match if:

  • you’re a great software developer. We want to work with skilled people who have a real focus on the customer experience.
  • you're looking to take ownership over a project from start to finish: understand the business logic, the requirements and ensuring delivery.
  • you're interesting in creating an outstanding, flexible and generic enough user experience that match different use cases. Yes we do mean no-code here πŸ˜‰
  • you like to work in close collaboration with a product team to challenge high level spec, define the MVP together and provide the most adequate solution
  • you have an experience in building fast, reliable, real-time web-based applications
  • you value an approach to quality. You build a feature with the highest level of quality possible at the time
  • working with scaling or high load application is not something that scares you
  • you want to have an impact on the team: at folk, developers pitch their improvement proposal to other devs so we can spec them out and add them to the roadmap - it can be just about anything from introducing a new library, to improving our CI or even a major architectural change.
  • you like to work in a team as it gives you the ability to challenge things, ask questions, and suggest solution.

Our stack

  • Frontend: React, Apollo Client / In-Memory Cache, TypeScript
  • Backend: NodeJS, TypeScript, Rest API, GraphQL, NestJS, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • SaaS: Algolia, Gitlab, Figma, Slack (gif-less so far...)
  • Data: Python
  • Hosting: AWS
  • Monitoring: Datadog, Sentry

If you want to know more about the daily life at folk, the following sections should interest you πŸ‘€

Sounds like you? Then, we should probably meet πŸ™ƒ

What are we looking for?

  • an overview of your background (either a resume or a Linkedin profile)
  • a short note to tell us why we're a great fit for each other and how you envision your future @folk

We'll review your application and we''ll get back to you within a week. No matter what our decision is you will hear from us πŸ™ƒ

Here's our hiring process for this role:

  1. A 30min video call with Morgane - Talent Manager to make sure our expectations are aligned.
  2. A 45min video call with Jean-Yves - CTO to deep dive a little bit more into tech, to make sure you're interested in our stack and product, and to check that your skillset and mindset fit for the job.
  3. A 1h tech call with Jean-Yves - CTO and one member from our engineering team:
    • we explain what we do and how, show you a demo. We explain our skills and values. We answer all your questions and feedbacks.
    • then we reverse, you talk about a project you have worked on and we discuss it, in order to see whether we are aligned on what we want to achieve in a project
  4. 1h technical test, pair programming: we use the test as a base for discussion to figure out how it feels working together and to cover coding skills, architecture and exploration on a new topic.
  5. A 30min video call with folk's cofounders. It's the perfect opportunity for you to ask anything about the company.
  6. (opt) 30 min coffee with team members to get a feel of the work atmosphere

Perks & Benefits

And here's the πŸ’ on the 🍰

πŸ–οΈΒ Paid Time Off: in between 9 and 10 days off (based on the number of working days within a year), in addition to the legal 25 days off

πŸ˜‹ Voucher meal: we'll cover 50% of your monthly lunch via Swile (€9/day).

🩺  Health insurance: we chose Alan (Alan Blue) and we'll cover 50% of the monthly fees for team members and their family.

πŸš‡. Public transportation: folk reimburses 50% of your subscriptions (annual, monthly or weekly).

πŸ–₯️ IT equipment: we'll provide Apple equipment (either reconditioned or brand new, it's up to you!)

πŸ›‹οΈ. Remote set-up budget: we provide you with a specific budget to set-up your office at home.

🏒 Co-working budget: working from home is great but from time to time you might want to work outside of your own place. That's why folk implemented a specific coworking budget for folks who cannot come to our Paris-based office regularly.

🏑 Travel to HQ: being remote shouldn't be an obstacle to team gathering. In that sense, folk will assume cost linked with traveling to HQ (up to 400EUR per month for accommodation and main transportation).

πŸ„ folk-off - our quarterly events to gather the entire team

🩹 Wellness days: this is meant to be an inclusive initiative that offers an extra 4 days off entitled for wellness. These are optional days when your health isn't 100%(migraine, cold, Pre Menstrual Syndrom or period for instance). Those days are provided to everyone at folk regardless of seniority, with salary 100% maintained, without the need to have a medical certificate. We trust you and believe you're the best person to know when you should focus on your health.

🍼 Parental Leave: we offer a fully paid parental leave for every team member who welcomes a child (both birth and adoption). Extended parental leave for second parent: We offer a fully paid and extended second parent parental leave (30 days in addition to the legal standards) for every team member who welcomes a child (both birth and adoption) no matter the marital status.

ℹ️ These Perks and Benefits represents the basis provided to all folk team members. Based on local legislation we might not be able to provide the exact same perks and benefits but we'll make sure to provide with equivalent ones.