How do you hire outside of France?

Since we started shaping the team at folk, we've been working fully remotely. This gave us the exciting chance to expand our team across multiple locations. Now, let's delve into the practical aspects of this approach.

What is the type of contract you provide for team members based outside of France?

For all team members, no matter where you’re based, we’re providing an employee type of contract based on local legislation.

It's the easiest and most certain way for us to provide everyone on the team with similar contracts, Perks & Benefits packages, and Equity plans.

Am I entitled to an Equity plan?

Yes. Everyone on the team is entitled to an Equity plan. It's one of the very reason, we’re providing employee type of contract no matter where you're based.

We've launched our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) quite early on because we deeply believe in sharing the value we're all creating as a team. It allows us to foster a trust-based team spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset.

We've chosen to set a very powerful and simple attribution model for BSPCEs (*): we're attributing 100% of an employee's salary in the form of BSPCE being taken out of a pool of shares reserved for employees and advisors.

(*)French options that are delivered to employees with a certain strike price and calendar

What will be the Perks & Benefits?

Everyone on the team has access to the following set of Perks & Benefits.

And here's the 🍒 on the 🍰

🏖️ Paid Time Off: between 9 and 10 days off (based on the number of working days within a year), in addition to the legal 25 days off

😋 Voucher meal: we'll cover 50% of your monthly lunch via Swile or monthly allowance (€9/day).

🩺  Health insurance: we'll cover 50% of the monthly fees for you and your families. We chose Alan (Alan Blue) whenever possible, otherwise, it'll be a monthly allowance.

🚇. Public transportation: folk reimburses 50% of your subscriptions (annual, monthly, or weekly).

🖥️ IT equipment: we'll provide Apple equipment (either reconditioned or brand new, it's up to you!)

🛋️. Remote set-up budget: we provide a 70 EUR monthly budget to set up your office at home. We’re partnering with Hofy (outside France) or Fleex (France) so you’ll get to chose your set-up from their catalog.

🏢 Co-working budget: working from home is great but from time to time you might want to work outside of your own place. That's why folk implemented a specific coworking budget for folks who cannot come to our Paris-based office regularly.

🏡 Travel to HQ: being remote shouldn't be an obstacle to team gathering. In that sense, folk will assume the cost linked with traveling to HQ.

🏄 folk-off - our quarterly event to gather the entire team

🩹 Wellness days: this is meant to be an inclusive initiative that offers an extra 4 days off entitled to wellness. These are optional days when your health isn't 100%(migraine, cold, Pre premenstrual syndrome, or period for instance). Those days are provided to everyone at folk regardless of seniority, with a salary 100% maintained, without the need to have a medical certificate. We trust you and believe you're the best person to know when you should focus on your health.

🍼 Parental Leave: we offer fully paid parental leave for every team member who welcomes a child (both birth and adoption). Extended parental leave for second parent: We offer a fully paid and extended second parent parental leave (30 days in addition to the legal standards) for every team member who welcomes a child (both birth and adoption) no matter the marital status.

🤑 Transparent salary grid + Equity. If you want to learn more about our salary and equity approach it's over here: 💲What's your salary approach?  

ℹ️ These Perks and Benefits represent the basis provided to all folk team members. Based on local legislation we might not be able to provide the exact same perks and benefits but we'll make sure to provide with equivalent ones.