What is your remote policy?

Since we started building our awesome team at folk back in 2020, we've been working fully remotely which gives us the amazing opportunity to expand our team in various places 🌍

For everything we're building at folk, from our product to our team, we adopt an iterative approach. Scaling our team is no different. We take it step by step.

🕔 Timezones

To ensure a smooth transition as we scale, we start with European time zones (+/- 1 hours from Paris). This approach enables us to establish solid foundations for HR processes and foster effective team dynamics.

🌳 Geographical proximity

Though we’re a fully remote team, we value in-person interactions. Whether it's for team gatherings, collaborative work at our Parisian offices, quality time during our Folk-off events, Product Hunt launches, or any other good excuse we can find to meet 🙃 

We aim to minimize geographical distance. We are looking for future team members based within a +/- 3-hour travel time from Paris to streamline logistics and reduce our environmental footprint.

🛋️ Chose your workplace

At Folk, we cherish the flexibility of remote work. You can choose where you work, whether it's from the comfort of your home, a co-working space, or our Parisian offices. It's all up to you!

We offer:

  • Travel to HQ: We do not want our remote dynamic to hinder team gathering. folk covers travel expenses to Paris, allowing for in-person visits up to 2 times each month.
  • Work from Home: We provide a dedicated budget for your remote setup, ensuring a comfortable working environment.
  • Co-working Option: For those who prefer a different workspace, we allocate a dedicated co-working budget, catering to team members unable to visit our Parisian offices regularly.

👀 To foster team bonding while working remotely, we have implemented some very cool team rituals

Here's a Linkedin post about how we do remote at folk 😄