What is your remote policy?

🕔 Timezones

Since we've started building our awesome team at folk back in 2020, we've been working fully remotely which give us the amazing opportunity to expand our team globally 🌍

For everything we're building at folk, from our product to our team, we adopt an iterative approach. Scaling our team globally is no different. We take it step by step, starting with European time zones (+/- 3 hours from CET) so we can establish solid foundations in terms of HR set-up and even more importantly in terms of team dynamics.

🛋️ Chose your workplace

At folk, we do love the flexibility that remote work gives us. On a daily basis, we love being able to chose either we'll be working from home, from a co-working or hop by our cool parisian offices. And it's all up to you!

  • Travel to HQ anytime you want! We do not want for our remote dynamique to be an obstacle to team gathering. In that sense, folk will cover expenses linked to your travel to Paris up to 2 times each month.
  • Work from home. Working from home can be awesome, especially if you're comfortable. That's why we provide you with a dedicated budget for your remote set-up.
  • Work from a coworking space if you'd like to. Working from home is great but from time to time you might want to work outside of your own place. That's why folk implemented a dedicated coworking budget for folks who cannot come to our parisian offices regularly.

👀 And to be able to bond while working remotely we've set-up some very cool team rituals