How do we shape our team experience?

What are our latest initiatives?

Results from our latest team experience survey

September 2023

Team eNPS: 90

Words from the team - What's unique at folk?

The team and the environment we’re building together are the greatest source of motivation, very shortly after come our product and growth trend. We couldn't dream of a better top 4 🙌

Improvement areas and related initiatives

  • We’re going to work on it and we'll need your insights to make sure we’re going in the right direction
    • Iteration on Career Framework (and related topic: salary increase transparency, individual progression, and projection…) to make it even more clear, transparent, and empowering
  • We understand improvements are needed and we're going to work on it next
    • Team collaboration and proximity. The most important thing to you is the team. We’re already creating momentum together while being remote. We know it's important to strengthen it.
    • Long-term visibility and celebration. Clarity and transparency, alongside sharing successes are part of the main drivers to empower and motivate you. We already have some rituals in place that are working quite well according to you (demo, agenda, product roadmap during offsite). We’ll find new ways to celebrate and share visibility.

Results from past team experience survey

December 2022
Team average satisfaction rating is 4.9/5

Words from the team - What's unique at folk?

  • the product & the growth: getting better and better, building something big
  • being part of a team and spending time together (weekly, offsite, coffee, party...)
  • freedom, responsibility, respect, focus, personal growth, collaboration, pro/personal balance
  • simplicity, no politics, always space to ask/discuss

Improvement areas and related initiatives

September 2022
Team average satisfaction rating is 4.7/5

Words from the team - What's unique at folk?

  • the delight we have while working together (coffees, folk-off, remote, flexibility),
  • the way we work together (focus, velocity, availability, communication, quality),
  • the trust we have in each other (ownership, expertise/talent, ok to fail - iterate and learn)

Improvement areas and related initiatives

  • to encourage people to visit our Paris HQ, we have clarified our traveling expense policy and increased the traveling budget.
  • to increase talks/chat moments with the team, we have set up Slack huddles for spontaneous team coffee chat as well as online gaming sessions once a month.
  • to encourage office days through team events, we are organizing team events every two months (in addition to our team offsite every quarter).