What's your salary approach?

Every time there's a new job ad ready to be posted, we ask ourselves the same question: should we share the salary range? (Seems familiar right? 😄)

At folk, we decided we'd rather share our salary grid than a raw number so you can fully understand our approach and easily project yourself.

We've build our salary grid to reflect what we value:

  • Impact : Management is not the only path we value. Individual contributors are as important to folk. What matters to us is the level of responsibility and impact you’ll have on the team. 👀  Here's to learn more about folk's Impact levels.
  • Expertise : What matters to us is the combination of experience and expertise you'll bring to the team on your area. 👀  Here's to learn more about folk's Expertise levels.

Good to know 👉  your position on the salary grid isn't set in stone. We'll follow up with performance review every year so you'll know how you can grow and progress.

So your salary at folk will look like: Salary = Role type X Expertise X Impact

You can use the spreadsheet below to easily compute a salary👇