What's your salary approach?

The little story behind our salary grid

Every time there's a new job ad ready to be posted, we ask ourselves the same question: should we share the salary range? (Seems familiar right? 😄)

At folk, we decided we'd rather share our salary grid than a raw number so you can fully grasp our approach and easily project yourself.

While building our salary approach, we chose to make it simple and fully aligned with the team experience we're building. We've built our transparent salary grid to show what we value: the impact every team member is bringing to the team.

What are the core principles of our salary grid?

We've chosen a public and transparent salary approach to be:

  • Systemic & Fair
    • Having a transparent salary grid helps us value the impact a person brings to our team rather than their negotiation skills.
    • If we adjust a salary for a person based on market evolution, for instance, we'll adjust it for every other person in the same role.
    • While expanding our team, our salary grid remains the same. We've chosen to provide the same pay for the same role across all time zones. What matters is your impact within the team, not the city you’re located in.
  • Competitive & Market-priced
    • Being transparent on our salary grid helps us challenge the salaries we offer to folkers and compare them to other companies at the same stage of development as us
    • Our goal is to make sure we're putting everything we can in place to attract the utmost and the brightest at competitive rates
  • Evolutive
    • Your position on the salary grid isn't frozen. We follow up with performance reviews to discuss your evolution and projection at folk.
    • Several roles in this salary grid don't exist yet - they are all up for grab
  • Empowering
    • We want to make sure we all own this company. Through our equity plan (stock options), everyone is interested in folk success
    • 1-year cliff, 4-year vesting starting from your very first day with folk

What are the variables taken into account in folk salary approach?

Our salary approach focuses on two variables:

  • Role Category: GTM, People, Product, Design, Tech
  • Impact: What matters is the level of accountability and impact you'll have within the team. We believe management paths are as valuable as individual contributors’ paths to folk.

How do we approach salary positioning in our recruitment process?

How do you project yourself in terms of salary expectations? What are your salary expectations for such a role?

👆This is the question we're going to ask you during the very first call. At folk, salary expectation is a topic we address right at the beginning of each and every interview process.

This first call is all about taking a first step in defining our overall level of alignment and refining it as we move forward with the recruitment process. We believe there’s no point in moving forward if high-level expectations aren't aligned. And no matter how much you're passionate about your role, compensation is a part of it.

In full transparency, our interview process being a funnel, we won't be able to precisely position you within our salary grid until a later stage as we want to have a better vision of your impact and expertise level within our team.

This is one of the many reasons that led us to publicly share our salary approach. As you probably know yourself better than we do, sharing our salary approach upfront might help you position yourself and define if we're aligned right from the beginning of our discussions. Then we'll be able to confidently move forward in the interview process and circle back with you at a later stage to refine your positioning.

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